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Flovance is the Australian distributor of the entire Nano-Oil™ range of products.
Nano-Oil™ is available in a number of formulations including highly concentrated that can be used as is or added to most lubricants either petroleum or synthetic to increase their anti friction, anti oxidation (anti corrosion) & moisture barrier characteristics.

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Friction Free Lubrication System.

Nano-Oil™ is suitable with the following;

Marine Industry

Engines use same as Automotive. Specific Outboard Motor Formulation is available upon request.


Nano-Oil™ by StClaire will render the opening & closing extremely smooth after 5 drops two on each side of the blade/washers front & back + one on the locking mechanism.

Trucking Industry

From the Engine to the final transfer of energy onto the pavement which are the wheel bearings in the axle & any thing in between: Engine-> Transmission/Transfer case -> Universals -> Differential -> Wheel Bearings. Also all attaching hardware can be rendered smooth bringing safety to the operator.


Smooth Action is instantly noticeable & guaranteed on all Armament after applying only a few micro drops on all moving part including Sear and Bullet Ramp. Just a few drops will render armament smooth operating, you will feel the difference and also hear it after just a few cycles upon application of Nano-Oil™.

Mining Facilities

Nano-Oil™ by StClaire film strength & the fact that Nano-Bearings™ penetrate metal surfaces make it suitable for all Heavy Industrial Environments.


Robotics Joints & Articulations can now operate in much tighter tolerances as demonstrated at West Pack 2007 trade show in Anaheim California where some robots were down after the drive motors over heated, a quick application at the friction points revived operations & allowed them to finish the show without over heating. Any metal to metal dynamic contacts will benefit greatly.

Nano-Oil Australian Distributor

Small on size. Big on result.

Nano Oil™ pays special attention to the science.

At under 0.090 micron in size, the active molecules in Nano-Oil™ by StClaire are called Nano-Bearings™. They are truly within the nano scale technology. (Width of human hair is between 50 to 100 microns).

Imagine 50 million Nano-Bearings™ per square millimeter of contact surface on metal to metal all doing their job of substantially reducing friction while keeping equipment cooler and in better condition.

The Nano-Bearings™ molecules are magnetically induced (really negatively charged) to adhere to microscopic crevices and actually penetrate metals, therefore providing a very low-friction dynamic contact.

The uses and applications of Nano-Oil™ are endless.

Nano-Oil™ has been used by professionals in numerous industries for over a decade.

Throughout the USA and many other countries, Nano-Oil™ has been used by professionals in numerous industries for over a decade with tremendous success and is now being formally and officially introduced to the Australian consumer market and Military Sector.

All Nano-Oil™ products are officially imported into Australia and distributed by FLOVANCE TECHNOLOGIES.

The entire Nano-Oil™ range is available for retail or wholesale supply to All States and Territories throughout Australia. Please Contact Us for Bulk or Wholesale Enquiries.

Currently used by several US Armed Forces Departments and Swat Team Members as well as Police Force and Military Personnel Worldwide, right down to the Offroad and Motorcycle Racing Industries, the Nano-Oil™ range of products has taken lubrication to a new standard. A lubrication system that is FRICTION FREE!!

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Product not packaged propertly

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May 4, 2020

Product was shipped in a small envelope with no protection and leaked everywhere. Now arguing with the seller to get a refund. Avoid.