Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Nano-Oill™ will penetrate the steel and subsequently reduce carbon deposits and aid in armament cleaning.

Yes, the product is compatible with most lubricants on the market and will improve dramatically anti friction characteristics.

Yes, the product will provide an excellent moisture barrier even with a very small amount of application.

Yes, due to the high reduction in friction, extremely tight tolerances can be achieved while parts move
freely with no vibrations.

Yes, once the armament has been treated (product applied and armament cycled a few times) the anti friction characteristics remain constant regardless of high or low temperatures, Nano-Oil TM will have already penetrated the steel and will perform its duty of providing anti friction.

Yes, at above 246 degree Celsius (475 Degree fahrenheit) flash point, Nano-Oil TM is considered a high-temp lubricant.

Yes, stainless, titanium, brass, aluminium etc.
It will reduce friction on all metal to metal dynamic contacts including polymer to metal moving parts.